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Giannis Zarzonis



Giannis Zarzonis was born in 1972.
From his teenage years, photography was a hobby and passion together.

Giannis Zarzonis started photographing beautiful places he visited in Greece from the early 90’s. Since then his collection has grown into a massive photo gallery of all the beautiful places this country is gifted with, but also every small wonderful corner that caught his attention.

After some collaborations with small magazines in the city followed collaborations with almost all Greek magazines, corporations, municipalities, prefectures, regions, ministries, etc, the subject always being travel photography.
Their editions were launched in 1995 with postcards and posters. In 1998, photo albums joined the range of “Zarzonis Editions”, tour guides in 2004.
In 2011 a travel photo bank was launched www.greekimages.gr, containing Greek photos.


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