“Wherever I travel Greece wounds me…” Seferis writes. In this book, the heart of Greece is beating in the snow-white slopes of Mount Olympus and the verdant routes of Kissavos, in the thrilling rapel descents down the Calypso Gorge; it is beating on the rafting in River Pineios, and its wonderful river mouth, the narrows of Tempi and the castle of Oria on their peak, the traditional village of Ampelakia with the unique mansions, and the wine-filled glasses of Rapsani. Finally, it is beating on the large plain of Thessaly and the unique “Aegean Path”, under the domes of Ai Yannis, next to the sun loungers of Melivoia.

Photos: Giorgos & Giannis Zarzonis
ISBN: 960-7958-23-3
Publication: Greek–English
Publication year: 2006
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 408
Dimensions: 12×22 cm