In the photographic guide “Mushroom guide, a fairy-like small world» the photographic lens tried to emphasize in what the text is referring to, confirming clearly at the end that the fairy tail loses its powerful dimension in front of the reality. However, at the edge of this fairy tail red string, which trespasses legend and reality, folklore doctrine and profound research, food collector’s instinct as well as the instinct of self-preservation, lays life and death itself. This album, aims to be used as a complete field guide in the ravishing journey of searching and collecting mushrooms. It basically tries to blunt the prejudice deriving from the ignorance and inexperience and sharpen the senses of fear and danger instead, that rise from knowledge in order to protect our lives and the lives of the others as well.


ISBN: 960-7958-23-X
Publication: Greek
Publication year: 2004
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 334
Dimensions: 12×22 cm