Grevena is not just the ski centre of Vasilitsa. It is Valia Calda, the Flega lakes, its eighteen stone bridges, the Pindos mountain range, its villages and the smiling people brought up in this wild and extraordinary landscape of Western Macedonia.   Photos: Giorgos & Giannis Zarzonis Texts: Giorgos Zarzonis ISBN: 978-960-7958-42-6 Publication: Greek Publication…


December 2002 Information Centre of Plastiras Lake A series of images of Plastiras Lake and the surrounding area of Agrafa is the topic of a permanent exhibition of photography located in an old building of the Electric Company next to the dam. The images play with the colours of the lake at each season and…


December 1999 Alatza Imaret, Thessaloniki Melbourne, on the events held in Australia for “Demetria ’97” In collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in December 1999 and on the occasion of the release of the photo album “Thessaloniki” by Zarzonis Editions, an exhibition of photography was held in Alatza Imaret.  


November 1997 Melbourne On the events held in Australia for “Demetria ’97”. As part of Demetria 1997, with the support of the “Thessaloniki – Cultural Capital of Europe 1997”, photos of Thessaloniki were presented in Melbourne. The exhibition lasted one month.  


September 2000 Luxembourg, European Parliament Under the aegis of the Greek Embassy in Luxembourg.The greatness of Olympus, its ecological, geophysical and cultural radiance, was reflected in a photo exhibition held in Luxembourg in a hall of the European Parliament. On site were exhibited and sold large photographs of the legendary mountain printed on canvas. The…