Giannis Zarzonis was born in 1972.

What started as a hobby and passion during high school, his interest in taking pictures soon evolved into a career as a professional photographer. In 1992, he moved to Thessaloniki where he established his photographic business activity and in 1995 launched his postcard and poster editions. In 1998, “Zarzonis Editions” extended to include photography books and, in 2004, numerous travel guides were also released.

During the last thirty years, Giannis Zarzonis has been working with a great number of nationwide print magazines, among them the Greek edition of the National Geographic Traveler, while he also regularly engages in travel photography collaborations with multiple corporations, municipalities, prefectures, regions and ministries.

In 2011, he founded the Escape Greece project, wherein he photographs every region of Greece in an effort to create an extensive image bank named Greek Images. Furthermore, Giannis Zarzonis systematically photographs Mt. Olympus for the creation of the travel portal, while another aspect of his work covers the entire axis of the ancient Roman road Via Egnatia, spanning from Constantinople to Rome and including all the points of interest along today’s newly-built homonymous highway.

Recently he has embarked on the photo documentation of the Greek Silk Road, having undertaken the planning and establishment of the travel portal, aiming to create a visual tribute to a cultural route.

As of 2015, his professional interest focuses on the use of new technologies such as aerial photography, videography, time lapse, hyper lapse, star trial, 360° photos and videos, VR Tours, and underwater photography.

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